Monday, October 11, 2010


S: 25,700 yds
B: 7h 21 min
R: 5h 11 min

Total: 19h 18min

Well, the first full week of October and come and gone and if it is any indication of how the rest of the month will go, this will be a tough month!

Friday afternoon I wasnt especially looking forward to the tempo run scheduled for that afternoon when I got a text asking if I was racing the 15k the next morning. At the time, the race sounded like a lot more fun than a long suffer-fest by myself. Three miles into the race, however, I was reconsidering my decision.

Former UAH runner Brandon York had decided to show up and took off from the gun. I ran with him for the first half mile or so, but quickly realized the pace was a bit too hot for me. I came through the first mile at 5:31, and by that time Brandon already had 5-10sec on me. I maintained the same pace through three miles, but it appeared Brandon was as well, as he continued to pull away. Miles 4 through 7 were pretty hilly and my legs were feeling fatigued, so I was just focusing on keeping the turnover up as I wanted to make sure fast-closing Brad Schroeder wouldnt catch me. I finally got back out to Monte Sano Blvd, passed the 7 mile mark, and started focusing on the finish. The last mile was its usual awfulness but I managed to finish on my feet in 52:40.

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