Friday, July 2, 2010


Well, I came back from Lubbock and found out I still have a job, so thats a good thing. There were, however, about 300 out of around 1200 on our contract that did get let go which was unfortunate. Additionally, there is quite a bit of uncertainty about next year.

The federal government's fiscal year starts October 1st and, this being an election year, there almost certainly will not be an omnibus spending bill for FY11 passed before then. Typically this means there is instead a CR (continuing resolution) which provides federal agencies funding for programs at the spending levels of the previous year until a new budget is passed. If this happens, it leaves NASA in a bit of a paradox. Congress will be telling us to spend at the previous year's budget allocation, in which there was money specifically for Ares I. However, the President has canceled that program. So who knows what will happen...

On a lighter note, July 4th is of course this Sunday and in celebration, members of the NPR staff dictated the Declaration of Independence. So because its good to remember where our country came from (and because TJ is the man), the audio is linked below. Enjoy, and Happy Friday!

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