Friday, October 30, 2009

Autumn/Winter CSA

Summer is sadly well past and along with the change of seasons came the end of the Doe Run Farm Summer CSA. It stands to reckon, then, that the plethora of fresh, tasty, local fruits and veggies would cease as well. In the words of Lee Corso, "Not so fast!" This year, in addition to the Summer CSA, I signed up for the Autumn/Winter version as well. At 8 weeks instead of 12, it is a bit shorter but the price per week remains the same. And as you can see from below, there is no shortage in quantity or quality of goodies per week!

Below are the contents from my week 3 box which I picked up last night. So far this season my favorite item has been the bell peppers. It is amazing how much more flavor they have than those I typically buy at Publix. This week, as you can see, they were all green but the last couple of weeks I've received some red and yellow ones as well.


And close-ups:

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Judy McGary said...

Hi Andrew,
Nice photos! The beets don't look nearly as good as they taste! Roasted they are so sweet! The peppers are amazingly flavorful, we agree,they are nearly gone for this summer. We have some great Collards, Kale and carrots coming in the next few weeks! Glad you are enjoying your share! John and Judy