Thursday, February 9, 2012

Race schedule!

With the first race of the season coming up this weekend, I suppose its about time to post a race schedule! These are certainly subject to change, especially the out months, but here goes...

Date - Race, Location
2/13 - Mercedes Half Marathon, Birmingham, AL
4/7 - Scholarship Fund Run 8k, Huntsville, AL
4/8 - Alpha Delta Piathlon, Murfeesboro, TN
4/22 - New Orleans 70.3, New Orleans, LA
5/20 - Florida 70.3, Haines City, FL
5/28 - Cotton Row Run 10k, Huntsville, AL
6/10 - Kansas 70.3, Lawrence, KS
7/1 - Muncie 70.3, Muncie, IN
7/8 - Chattanooga Waterfront Tri, Chatanooga, TN
7/24 - Music City Triathlon, Nashville, TN
8/5 - Washington DC 70.3, Washington, DC
8/26 - IM Louisville, Louisville, KY
8/27 - Who knows.

How about? Whats race(s) do you have targeted for this season?


alyssa said...

Rev3 know you want to!

Kristin Deaton said...

Alyssa yes he should do a Rev3! Andrew I know you want to:-) You can hang with some cool people!! Oh and the ADPi athlon sounds awesome because I am an ADPi alumnus. I'll have to look into it

Andrew said...

It's a definite maybe, but my experience there last time was fairly awful. Of course I suppose that could be even more of a reason to go... Revenge is a good thing, right?

Chad Williamson said...

I'll be at Rev3 Knox...if you go and want to share some costs, let me know!