Monday, June 7, 2010


S: 25,500 yds
B: 8h 6min
R: 8h 7min

Total: 22h 56min

I missed out on a little cycling time to due a slight incident on Saturday. About 1h into my ride, I was riding along a on road with no shoulder and sharp drop off into a ditch when someone passed me more than a little to close for comfort. Not wanting to go into the ditch, I swerved into the middle of the lane, hit a pothole, and totally lost control. The result was a nice dive onto the pavement and a ride home in my roommate's car.

Although I was pretty shaken up in the immediate aftermath, I was pleased when I wasnt too sore the next morning. Other than some road rash on my chin, elbow, and both knees, I didnt really suffer any serious injuries.

On a lighter note, some quick addition reveals over 70 miles of running last week which isnt bad at all.

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