Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bike Posish

After a few modifications, there you have it. Me on the new ride in my dungeon. I may still lower the stem a bit but this should be pretty close. Enjoy!




Greg Reynolds said...

Your shoulder blades are sticking out too much, that might cause some drag. Other than that it looks pretty good.

Andrew said...

Good call but the aero helmet should take care of that ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,

I see the weights in the backgound ! What kind of lifting do you do ?


Ross (UK and France)

Andrew said...

Hey Ross,
Good eye! Sorry to disappoint but that is actually my house mate's bench. I havent lifted weights since I was on the wrestling team in high school.

Rob Jones said...

Don't most pros have nicer front wheel risers than that?

Andrew said...

What, you dont like my physics book and statics workbook?

Rob Jones said...

I would have expected something like Joe Friel's Training Bible. That's about what it's good for.